5 Great Ideas on Celebrating your Chamber Event

A member of the Chamber of Commerce Professional’s Group on Facebook asked:celebrating the chamber's birthday


Any ideas for things to do to highlight an upcoming Chamber of Commerce week (in Indiana)?


Whether it’s your chamber’s birthday or just a special chamber of commerce week you’re hosting, there are many ways to celebrate it.

Celebrating Your Chamber Happening


The most meaningful ways will bring smiles to your members’ faces such as:

A cookout. Nick Kieffer from the Goshen Chamber of Commerce suggested burgers and hot dogs as a way of showing appreciation for your members and your community.

Publicity. Jill McCartney from the Northwest OKC Chamber had some great ideas starting out with an op-ed piece for the local paper. Chambers need to remind the community what they do and how they help. Don’t look at it as bragging. Understand that there are a lot of people out there who don’t know all of the benefits behind chamber membership. Education is one of them and that education can start with telling them how you can help.

Jill also suggested trying to get a spot on local radio or TV to talk about your week’s events.

Judy Whaley advised that a city proclamation would be nice for Chamber of Commerce Week.

If you are celebrating a big milestone, the governor’s office/office of economic development may also write you one, assuming you give them lots of advanced notice.

Express Appreciation. Use this time to show appreciation for your members, whether it’s through contests or surprise drop-offs of goodies, bringing an unexpected yummy is always appreciated.

Another great suggestion came from Bonnie Westley who suggested passing out coffee or donuts in front of your building in appreciation for your community.

Use a Theme. Incorporating a theme can make selecting activities easier. Themes like, Leadership 2014 or City of Tomorrow, prompt ideas for activities.

Social Media. Use your chamber social media profiles for contests or trivia about your chamber during that week. Post obscure images from around your town on Facebook and ask people where they were taken. Throw in a fake one, not taken in your town, for some extra fun.  Don’t forget chamber video and those great outtakes.

No matter how you decide to celebrate your special chamber event, celebrating it in a multitude of mediums – print, in-person, social media, etc., will help you reach the most people and maximize community involvement.


Guest post by Christina Green

“Birthday Cake” Image via Flickr by Will Clayton


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