Big News About the Chamber Professionals Online Conference

by Frank J. Kenny


Attend the Chamber Pros Online Conference and ChamberMaster will pay your wayChamber friends, we have really big news for you and the chamber industry.

As you know, the Chamber Professionals Online Conference has been a huge hit with over 750 pre-registrations.

Chamber professionals from all over the world have watched the first 5 presentations in the 3 videos.

Now, here is the big news:

Attending and participating in the full conference (90 days access to 5 hours of premium chamber-specific content from top chamber-industry experts) requires an investment of $295.

Multiple State (and larger) Chamber Associations approached us wanting to offer the online conference sessions to their members, knowing that some of them need the content but can’t afford the fee.

As a group of speakers, we looked for a solution to get these chamber training sessions to as many chambers as possible. One possible solution seemed to be finding a sponsor for them.

But who? How would it work?

We contacted ChamberMaster and explained the situation. The team at ChamberMaster was well aware of the online conference, the speakers and the topics, and fully believed in the value to the industry.

So…what did ChamberMaster decide to do?

They decided that every chamber in the North America, the world for that matter, should have full access to the Chamber Professionals Online Conference.

And ChamberMaster would cover the fee.

That’s right.

ChamberMaster is picking up the conference fee for you and all the other chambers!

Simply go to the conference registration page at  and use the gift code “ChamberMaster”.

You get full access for 90 days (plus the bonuses) and ChamberMaster is taking care of the bill.

What an amazing gift from ChamberMaster!  Let’s give them a round of applause!!!!

Go to, use the code “ChamberMaster” and gain access to the First Ever World-Wide Chamber Professionals Online Conference, courtesy of ChamberMaster.

P.S. There’s more. The Conference kicks off Saturday morning, January 18th, at 8:00am (Pacific). Each session is recorded so you can register anytime in the next 90 days to gain access.

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