Chamber Professionals, This is The One Thing Small Businesses Want

How do you meet the unique needs of small businesses?

How do you drive value so that they renew their chamber membership year after year?

Understanding the expectations of small businesses is key to acquisition and retention.

I asked our Chamber Professionals group what they thought. You will see their comments below.

My thoughts:

Get and keep your small businesses at your chamberYour small business members are risking everything. They’ve mortgaged the house. They’ve quit their corporate job(s).  They have kids in school. They have bills. They have a lot at stake. But in the most simplistic terms:

Small Businesses Want Business


They need customers. They need money. Most small businesses that join the chamber are hoping the chamber can make a significant difference in their bottom line. They’re looking for return on investment; through saving their business money or, more preferably, making them money through sending them customers, introducing them to people, providing networking opportunities, and helping them get clients and contacts among bigger businesses.

Small businesses want offerings that can directly improve their business, such as education and training.

Small businesses will probably not be as interested in promoting government affairs and public policy. Sure, there may be some political animals among your group but to them the cause is much more personal.

The small business owner wants to know the chamber is promoting the community and thus the quality of life is being enhanced for everyone.

Small businesses join a chamber because they think it will help them grow their business. The reason they stay/renew is because they develop relationships and are engaged. Small businesses discover that the chamber really cares about them, their success and their story.


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