Chamber Social Media Strategy: Engage

When analyzing and judging your chamber social media strategy, do you take into account that only about 17 percent (source) of your chamber’s Facebook fans see your posts?

Some studies suggest the percentage might be as low as 3 percent. That means that even if you are doing well growing your fan base, the actual number of people seeing your posts is probably much lower than you think.

If your posts aren’t seen, your chamber social media strategy will suffer.

Chamber Social Media Strategy
Social Media for Chambers Article by Frank J. Kenny Winter 2012 Issue

Engaging Your Fans Must Be Part of Your Chamber Social Media Strategy

Take a look at your chamber’s Facebook Page.

Do you see a long list of posts with only a few comments, likes, or shares? That’s a problem because it informs Facebook that your fans lack interest, and generally have a weak relationship with your page.

Facebook has an algorithm known as EdgeRank, which decides if a post should go into your fans’ newsfeeds. If EdgeRank decides that your post doesn’t cut the mustard, it won’t show up.

The way to get more of your posts seen by your page’s fans is to make sure that Facebook can tell that their relationship to you is strong enough to warrant putting it in their newsfeed.

There are chamber social media strategies that tell Facebook that the relationships they have with their fans are strong. One is to post the kind of content that more people chose to comment on, share, and like.

What to post? Photos, especially images of people your fans know.

Photo in your chamber social media strategy
Members, Friends, Contacts- Fresno Chamber Facebook Post

Did your chamber recently host an event?

Hopefully you took lots of photos of your members. Post those images, making sure you tag each person in each photo. Yes, this requires you to be a Facebook friend of the people you tag, which means they have confirmed a friend request from you, or you have confirmed one from them.

Does this work? According to Rebecca Hellwig, Communications Manager at the Fresno Chamber of Commerce, “When we posted photos, our views increased from 20 to 100 or even 200.”

Chamber Social Media Tip

Another quick and easy chamber social media strategy is to visit your members’ fan pages, as your chamber’s page, and engage them.

Look for posts on your members’ pages that are generating interest, then contribute to the conversation.

All the commenters are then exposed to your chamber’s page and have the opportunity to become fans.

This kind of proactive engagement is a great way to introduce your fan page to a wider audience.

Especially look for pages with high fan counts and heavy activity.

Chamber Social Media Tip

If you want to figure out your chambers Facebook page’s engagement percentage do this:

As an administrator of your chamber’s page, click on the Insights link. Scroll down until you can see the chart with your latest posts.

Chamber social media engagement
Community Event Page. This page has just over 600 fans. Their engagement is over 40%.

Add up the “Reach” of the 10 latest posts. Divide by 10 to get the average. Divide that average by your total number of fans. That will give you your actual reach percentage.

What is your chamber’s engagement percentage? How does that fit in with your chamber social media strategy? What chamber social media tips do you have for other organizations? What has worked for you?

Click to read the full article (If you are a member of ACCE): Social Media Strategy: Engage, Provide Value, Get Members!


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