Chambers Could Be Stars in Facebook’s #TBT

If you have a personal Facebook profile, you’ve probably seen horrid pictures of your friends in acid washed jeans and feathered How are you using old pictures of your chamber?hair tagged with the hashtag #TBT, which stands for Throwback Thursday.

#TBT is the reason I adjusted my friends’ ability to tag me without my permission. Suffice it to say, Miami Vice should never have inspired fashion.

#TBT for Chambers


If you’re looking for content that will provoke mass sharing – #TBT could be your ticket. Chambers are rich with both historical pictures of what your town used to look like to hilarious shots like this one of the chamber shared by a local library.

You can use these many different ways from providing little known historical facts along with the image to adding your own humorous text. Use a then and now, side by side shot for added interest.

Add a watermark to your picture so that when people are sharing – and you know they will, particularly a funny shot like this one – they know where it came from.

If you’re brave, share one of your own Throw Back Thursday shots and see if people recognize you. Ask – “Do you know which chamber staffer this is?” or if you’re wearing a funny fashion (like my previously mentioned Miami Vice wanna-be style) ask your audience a fashion question like if they ever rolled up the sleeves of their jackets.

Another popular version of Throwback Thursday is taking a picture of something from the 1980s or earlier and asking how many people remember the object. It’s amazing how everyday objects bring back memories of our childhood and certain things are synonymous with our parents or grandparents, like a ceramic Christmas tree with lights or a set of over-sized wooden spoons on the wall.

A lot of fun can be had with Throwback Thursday. We enjoy laughing at the “good ole days” or pondering what life was like back before __________. Isn’t it time your chamber gets in on the hysterics?


Guest post by Christina Green

Image via Clearwater Public Library System


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