Check Out These Chambers Using Video

According to ComScore, 89 million people in the United States will watch 1.2 billion online videos today (and yes, that’s a “b” for billion). Is your chamber going to be among those watched?

Here are a few fun, inviting videos that fellow chambers put together and several tips following each on what makes them successful.

Bradford, PA – Happy

Keys to a Successful Chamber Video:


  • Choose a song that is memorable and gets the toes tapping. It should have wide appeal.
  • Feature people enjoying themselves in a natural way. Don’t make it look forced.
  • Get a cross section of your town – young and old, business and fun.
  • Use well know backdrops, which entices locals to watch to see what they recognize in the background.


Here’s another chamber that used the same song but a different angle. This one featuring their staff and why they’re “happy.”

Manatee Chamber of Commerce – Happy Staff

In this video by the Manatee Chamber of Commerce, you’ll notice:

  • A fun-loving group of people.
  • Appreciation for their members expressed.
  • Several shots inside and outside of the chamber/economic development council.
  • A staff that is enjoying themselves (makes you want to be a part of what they’re doing.)

Both of these videos prove you don’t need to spend a lot of money filming and producing a chamber video. It can be done with very little scripting and a group that’s happy to be affiliated with your chamber, whether that means including members/member businesses, your staff, or a mixture of both.

Sumter Chamber of Commerce Animation

Warning: it may feel like Ground Hog Day for some of you to watch this exchange.

If you have a script but don’t feel like doing your own acting, this is an inexpensive (aka free) way to get your message across using video with a company called XtraNormal.

  • This video is educational and speaks to the most commonly asked questions or comments.
  • Members and staff can both identify with it.
  • It was free (not including the time it took to script and arrange it).


My favorite part:

Business owner: I joined a chamber of commerce in another town but I did not get anything out of it.

Chamber professional: …did you network at events?

Business owner: No.

CP:  Did you have a grand opening or sponsor an event?

BO: No.

CP: Did you even read the newsletter?

BO: No.

Sound familiar?


Guest post by Christina Green


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