Dealing With Your Chamber’s Board of Directors

Chamber professionals, would you like to hear solid advice from industry veterans on dealing with your chamber’s board of directors?

Strategies for dealing with your chamber's board of directors

Would you love to learn how to avoid personality conflicts with board members (and hear strategies on what you should do should they occur)?

Would you love to hear leadership tips that could immediately elevate you in the eyes of your board and community?

Would you value discovering fresh tactics that will help your board meetings go more smoothly, to be more productive?

Dealing With Your Chamber’s Board of Directors


In this episode, number 48, of the Chamber Focus Show we covered all of these topics and more.

Our special guest was Annette Medlin of Membership180.

Annette is a chamber and association consultant with years of experience dealing with board, both when running a chamber and now as a consultant to the industry. She shared many strategies for dealing with your chamber’s board of directors. Our participants, chamber professionals from across North America, shared their insights and their experiences running and working for chambers.

We had a great discussion concerning many of the situations where you might enjoy advice concerning your chamber’s board of directors.

We discussed:

  • What to do when you have a personality conflict with your new chair.
  • What to do when a board member goes rogue.
  • Strategies for dealing with disengaged board members.
  • When to put a volunteer between you and a problem with a board member.
  • When to involve the executive committee and full board in personality conflict or human resource issues.
  • How to deal with a micro-managing board.
  • The importance of board development and board member recruitment.
  • How to prepare for board meetings so they are effective and your are respected.
  • Strategies to keep your chamber’s board of directors meetings from going sideways.
  • How to keep that tricky balance between involving the board and them letting you do your job.
  • How to, and the importance of, positioning yourself as a colleague to the board members, not just a staffer.
  • More.

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Annette Medlin has been in non-profit management for over 25 years; the last eight years as a chamber Executive. She has held leadership roles in industry professional organizations including the Carolina’s Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives and with the US Chamber Institute for Organization Management as a student, a class advisor, a member of the Board of Regents and this coming summer as faculty.


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