Economic Development, Real Estate, and Chambers. An Interview With Clay Rankin

Chamber pros, do you have real estate agents in your membership and community?

I bet you have a bunch.

What about commercial real estate agents and brokers? Probably a few of them too.

Chamber Interview with Clay Rankin of Broker Savant on economic development and commercial real estate.Brokers and agents make great chamber members.

They are motivated to network. They have flexible schedules. They are community minded.

Real estate agents, especially the commercial real estate agents, are also very connected to the larger business community.

But I think there is a bit of a disconnect between the value they can bring to a chamber and what the chamber can do for them.

I felt that it was time to get the perspective straight from a successful commercial real estate agent on how he sees chambers and real estate professionals supporting each other and the community.

Chamber Interview


In this interview I spoke with Clay Rankin, commercial real estate broker and founder of Broker Savant. Broker Savant is a high level sponsor of ACCE and attended the recent chamber convention in Oklahoma City.

Watch now to hear what real estate professionals bring to the chamber and how the relationship can be mutually beneficial.

Also, if your chamber is wanting to play a bigger role in your community’s economic development efforts, you are going to want to hear about Broker Savant and what it does for the chamber and community.

Watch now!


BrokerSavant was founded in 2009 by Claiborne (Clay) Rankin with the idea that local commercial brokers need to get their property information online for site selectors without distracting them from their other duties.

As a commercial broker himself, Clay was frustrated by the amount of extra work needed to promote properties online. Repeatedly manually entering data was a waste of time and energy that he could have devoted to showing properties. He needed an affordable, well-designed platform that took the needs of small organizations seriously.

Since there wasn’t one available, he decided to build it himself. And with that, BrokerSavant was born.

Chamber Pros, comment on how your chamber interfaces with the commercial real estate community


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Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in Broker Savant. This is strictly informational.


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