Free Guide On Chamber Video Conferencing

Are your currently utilizing Chamber Video Conferencing?

Well, would you like to provide a new, cutting-edge benefit to your members and community?

Would you like to free up some of your time?

Would you like to grow your personal brand in your community, giving you more visibility and influence (without a lot of new work or expense)? 

Download your free guide to Chamber Video Conferencing

Download your free guide to Chamber Video Conferencing

Chamber Video Conferencing


In this guide, I share with you how you can use chamber video conferencing, through Google+ Video Hangouts and Hangouts On Air, to do all of these things (and more).

And, the best part, it’s free.

In this basic and intermediate guide, you will learn:

  • How to easily put a long-lasting spotlight on your members that they will greatly value;
  • How to save time and money from not driving everywhere to attend meetings, burning gas and putting wear and tear on the car;
  • How to increase your (and your chamber’s) influence in the community;
  • How to attract more traffic to your chamber’s YouTube channel and website;
  • How to stand out from the crowd and offer something different.

Download your free guide to Chamber Video Conferencing

Mary Ellen Hunt Dombrowski on a Google+ Hangout On Air

This image shows Mary Ellen Hunt Dombrowski, president of the Glastonbury Connecticut Chamber, discussing a chamber issue with a panel of chamber pros from across North America.

Mary Ellen was one of 10 chamber pros who participated in this edition of the Chamber Focus Show, a Google+ Hangout On Air.

Other participants in this episode included Greg Durocher, president/CEO of the Cambridge Chamber, who was in Ontario, Canada; Mark Sturdevant, president of the La Habra Chamber, who was in California; and Oregon residents Stephan Wurzburg of the Keizer Chamber and Lisa Farquharson of The Dalles Chamber.

Our special guest for the show was Annette Medlin of Membership180.

The Catch?


No catch. It costs nothing to produce, other than time.

The technology is a free tool from Google+. And because Google owns YouTube, the Show is recorded and posted to my YouTube channel, where the market can view it at their convenience.

It can even be viewed live by an unlimited number of people by embedding it to a blog or site.

You can also edit it after you’re done, add an intro and exit, clean up hiccups, and then post it to your blog.

Download your free guide to Chamber Video Conferencing

Here is an image from a recent chamber-focused interview.

Clay Rankin joined me from Chicago. I was near Portland, Oregon (but I could have been anywhere, including in the RV).

I interviewed him about his business, Broker Savant, and how it serves the chamber industry and chamber members. We also discussed how chambers could be, from Clay’s point of view, of service to commercial property brokers.


You May Be Asking, “So What?”

Download the Guide Now and See 

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Free Guide On Chamber Video Conferencing


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