Hosting an Online Chamber Job Board

A member of the Chamber of Commerce Professionals Group on Facebook asked:

Does anyone have a job opening site that works for you that we can chamber job boardcheck out?  How do you get your larger employers to participate?  Is there a cost?  Does it negatively impact or perceived to impact your personnel agencies?  Any help would be appreciated.

Most of the chambers who responded either used a local economic development site tied to their area or used their chamber management software to host it on their website.

Why a Chamber Should Host a Job Board


As chamber leaders, we’re involved in the economic development of our areas. Chambers are frequently asked about jobs because – let’s face it – we know our community best. We know of opportunities before they’re posted and people see us as a resource.

One benefit to creating a job board is that you are connecting employers to employees. Your chamber offers the value. The job seekers and employers have to come to your site. Now the community is not only associating job knowledge to you, they’re associating you with the tools they need to get there.

If you want, you could monetize the postings by either charging the hiring company for each post or charging them an add-on to membership that would allow them unlimited job posts.

Another chamber-based job board benefit is that there is little education necessary. It’s a fairly logical step to think of the chamber as a job resource so a campaign to notify people that you have a job board would not have to be exhausting. A couple of on-going reminder announcements on your site and social media profiles should suffice.

If you work in connection with another site, the correlation between your assistance and the site probably won’t be as clear. Of the chambers that have chosen this route, some have created a joint effort with other local chambers.

Hosting a job site is a way to be of further assistance to your community and it benefits the chamber. After all, when someone helps us land a job we remember it.

Guest post by Christina Green

Image via Flickr by Thomas Leuthard


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