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    • I would not have taken the steps and challenges without your encouragement and support..."

      Lisa Farquharson

      President/CEO, The Dalles Chamber
    • Love the daily tip feature. Great value."

      Glenn Morriss

      President/CEO, Visalia Chamber of Commerce
    •  I am so glad to have all of you to turn to for chamber issues!"

      Yvonne Woytowich

      President/CEO, Hesperia Chamber
    • 2 new members and a trade show booth sold in the past 2 days - all without leaving my desk or picking up the phone!

      Sherri Bohme

      Executive Director,Cold Lake Regional Chamber 
    • Visiting this forum is like a mini-trip to Institute every day!" 

      Claire Coates Louder

      President/CEO West Anne Arundel County Chamber

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