What People Don’t Know About Your Area Is Frightening

Chamber Pros Insider Tip #63


I am sure this sort of thing never happens at your chamber but it did happen at ours, a lot.

A person would stop by to ask if anyone ever did any boating or fishing in our area. Now, you might think this is a legitimate question. Not all communities would have boating or fishing.

But our chamber was located at the toe of Hood Canal (Belfair) in Washington State. We had boating, fishing, clamming, hiking, hunting, off-roading, you name it.

Anything you could do outdoors, we had it. Yet some people somehow didn’t know it.

We once had someone ask if there was a local place to ride dirt bikes. Are you kidding me? How could you own a dirt bike and not know about the Tahuya State Forest? It’s world-class. That’s like saying you don’t know about the scuba diving in the 600 feet deep Hood Canal. People came from around the world for it.

The point of all of this? Not every one knows, even if they should, all the things to see and do around your community. It is shocking what people don’t know.

Check out this post from the Aspen Chamber.


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105 Likes. That’s pretty impressive.

But what is truly worth noticing is the 14 shares.

Those people took the time and made the effort to become salespeople for the Aspen Area, telling their friends about the paddle boarding.

Today’s Insider TIP: Keep your eyes open for things to see and do around your area (that you may take for granted) that others don’t know about. If someone calls or asks you a silly question about your community, turn that into an opportunity to share.

One key to this is a great photo. Also, link to a member that provides the product or service that your are highlighting. Or link to more information on the chamber’s site.

We had a blacksmith in our area. He was off the beaten path and mostly sold across the country, not locally. But he allowed tours and visitors. A shot of that member pounding away at the anvil would have gotten many likes, probably some glowing comments, and some shares from locals that wanted to show off the community.

What things to see and do are going under-promoted in your area?

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