Roundtable Discussion on Chamber Member Deals, Chamber Staff Turnover, and Home-Based Businesses

This week on the Chamber Focus Show we had a roundtable discussion among North American chamber professionals on a variety of timely topics and trends impacting the chamber of commerce industry.

Check out this discussion on chamber membership deals, staff turnover, and home-based businessesIf you are in the chamber of commerce industry and would like to know more about these hot topics, watch this episode, #53, of the Chamber Focus Show.

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Member Deals, Staff Turnover, and Home-Based Businesses


We discussed:

  • Whether membership deals, hot deals, member to member discounts, and the like work and if they are worth the effort. Most chambers either currently offer these types of deals or have tried to offer them in the past. Hear from these chamber professionals on what worked and what failed to work. You will also hear about several developments in the member to member discount area including an update rumored to be coming out from ChamberMaster. Greg Durocher of the Cambridge Ontario Chamber also shared their brand new program, one not based on members but of the employees of the members.
  • Staff turnover issues impacting the chamber of commerce industry. We chatted about people who are leaving that we thought would be a chamber professional forever. We discussed whether people leaving the industry in such numbers is really a symptom of a broken chamber model or perhaps it was actually a healthy thing. We also talked about chamber execs that probably should be moving to a different chamber (or just moving on) but they won’t.
  • Finally, we had an interesting discussion on the potential for chambers to serve home-based businesses. The home-based business industry is a massive and potentially underserved market. If we could figure out a model that works, chambers stand to reap a huge reward while serving this market of primary jobs. Mark Sturdevant of the La Habra California Chamber shared what they are doing to serve this market. We discussed collaborative spaces where the home-based business owner could network and obtain services. We also discussed incubators, shares spaces, third places, business clubs, and more.

As a bonus, we also had a small discussion around the idea of selling chamber ribbon cuttings to non-members. Good stuff.

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