SEO Tips and Social Media Insights from Lee Odden of TopRank Online Marketing

Savvy small businesses and not for profit organizations, such as chambers, are always on the lookout for the latest and best social media and SEO tips.

Who better to ask for social media and SEO tips than Lee Odden of Online Marketing Blog?

SEO Tips from Lee Odden
Lee Odden, CEO TopRank Online Marketing

In this interview of about 12 minutes we ask Lee Odden several questions that directly relate to online strategies and effectiveness of small businesses and chambers.

This “Aspiring best dad in the world” took a few minutes from his busy day to do this Skype video interview with Frank J. Kenny.

Frank took this special opportunity with one of the world’s foremost experts on social media and SEO to ask him to comment on how chambers and their members, 90% of which are small businesses with 10 employees or less, on how they should be thinking about social media and to share his best SEO tips.

Q. 1 – Should today’s small business and organizations have a blog? Why?

Q. 2 – How is social media impacting search, especially touch on the effects of being active on Google+.

Q.3. – Explain the implications of customers stumbling across a business’ posts using social media versus customers searching out a business through a search engine. These are very different things but they go hand in hand, right?

The question/answers section begins at 2:16 following Lee’s introduction.

Key SEO tips and social media insights to watch for in this video include:

  • The fact that Lee’s 10 year old company has never hired a sales person or spent money on advertising.
  • That blogging is about creating content that allows you to be found through search engines and provides you a valuable resource to be shared through your social media channels
  • That your content needs to be SEO and social media optimized for full effect
  • That blogging can help you to become an authority in your field
  • And that all things worthwhile take work. Just a simple fact of life.
  • Much, much more…
Thank you Lee for spending some time with us. Good luck on your new book sales! Visit Online Marketing Blog for a wealth of information including SEO tips, social media insights, and Lee’s contact information. Visit for Lee’s new book.

What SEO tips and social media insights would you add?


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