Tips for Your Next Chamber Golf Event

Crowd sourcing is a great way to get input on how to improve. This is particularly effective for helping your chamber golf outing stand outevents as we saw with the following exchange in the Chamber of Commerce Professionals Group on Facebook:

Anybody got great ideas to jazz up our annual golf tournament? It’s a good fundraiser for us, largely due to support from our corporate sponsors, but we feel like it could be SO much better….

There were a lot of great ideas to improve a ho-hum golf event. However, before implementing any of the following, check with the laws governing your state and membership organizations. States may have very different laws on gambling, and what’s considered gambling, so do your research before revamping your chamber event.

Breathe New Life into an Old Event


We all have chamber events that just aren’t what they used to be. If you’re looking for some new ideas, here are a few for jazzing up a tired golf event from chamber professionals across North America:

  • Add a ball drop.
  • Call your local liquor distributor. If they have a new product on the market, they might bring over some “entertainment.”
  • Offer something (an event, entertainment, a 5K, etc.) for those who don’t play golf.
  • Try Fantasy Golf Scratch-off cards. Award prizes you’ve had donated.
  • Add a tent sponsor. Offering a single (or small number of) tent sponsorship to serve beverages, award prizes, or offer giveaways adds to the fun and gives people who may be waiting something to do.
  • Have a theme – Cinco de Mayo, Mardi Gras, luau, Caddyshack, super heroes – be creative.
  • Create specialty holes.
  • Set up a cigar stand.
  • Give a prize for the “funniest” golf outfit.
  • Forget a daytime venue. Everyone does that. Go for golf at night with glow sticks and glow in the dark lighting. If you’re in a warm weather climate – try doing it around Halloween.
  • Auction teams off with a Calcutta dinner. Create teams with A-players and offer spots on them – for a price.

The chamber community had some great ideas for spicing up the event. Regardless of what features you decide to add to your event, make sure you think about social media as well. Think beyond event information posts. Get creative.

For instance, if you host a Calcutta dinner and auction after the teams are finalized, allow them to record videos boasting how they will win. Create a little friendly competition by posting one every day to your YouTube channel.

If you use a theme in your golf tourney, place your executive director in a funny theme scene with a little help from photo editing software.

These things take minutes to do but they have a lasting effect on your audience.
Guest post by Christina Green

Image via Flickr by Nina Matthews


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