What You Need To Know About Tiered Dues For Your Chamber

Have you considered going the tiered dues route at your chamber?

Is it because you want to grow your chamber’s membership?

Or you want to increase your chamber’s retention rate?

Or maybe you have seen other chambers significantly increase their revenues through a tiered dues chamber model?

Tiered Dues for Chamber


Learn about tiered dues for chambers by Kyle Sexton

On this week’s Chamber Focus Show, episode #46, we had tiered dues and chamber expert Kyle Sexton on as our special guest. Kyle created his tiered-dues-for-chambers system while at the Salem Oregon Chamber.

During his 11+ years tenure there, and now as a full time speaker, author, and consultant, he has helped many other chambers establish successful tiered dues programs.

In 2007, Kyle was recognized as the Gerald W. Hathaway Memorial Staff Person of the Year by W.A.C.E. He is a highly rated speaker for the Western Association of Chamber Executives (W.A.C.E.) Academy and conventions of the American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE). He is a member of the W.A.C.E. Academy Faculty and an Instructor for the United States Chamber of Commerce Institute of Organizational Management.

He has served on the ACCE Board of Directors, and the Membership Development Advisory Board as Chair-Elect. He is a Lifetime Achievement Award recipient from the ACCE’s Circle of Champions with over 1000 memberships sold, his roles have also included Vice Chair of Sales and Recognition Programs and Circle of Champions (Sales Division) chair.

We discussed many aspects of implementing and managing a tiered dues system with Kyle, including:

  • Revenue implications of switching to a tiered dues model.
  • The importance of focusing on value over new revenue when implementing and selling this chamber dues model.
  • Segmenting your membership to serve them better.
  • Counter-intuitive facts concerning tiered dues and the desires of your largest investors.
  • Tracking the promised benefits.
  • Accounting for the tiered dues system.
  • Positioning your chamber and becoming an aspirational brand. Creating gravity at the top.
  • Telling your member’s story as it relates to the tier they are on.
  • The power of subtlety.

Kyle also shared his sales script that allowed him to sell so many chamber memberships and he provided several innovative ideas that you can put into action right away.

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