Your Chamber Newsletter Must Include This But Not That

Does your chamber produce a newsletter?

Is your chamber newsletter emailed or printed, or both? Chances are you do a monthly e-news. Some chambers are still doing a printed newsletter, mailing it out, perhaps, quarterly. Really, chambers are all over the map with their emailed and printed newsletters.

Chamber Newsletters

But one thing all chambers have in common as it relates to newsletters is what do we include in them to get them read and valued. See the question that Sarah Dickens posed in our Chamber Professionals Group.

What to include in your chamber newsletter

More and more the answer to that question is great content. The following is what I recommend to make sure your newsletters have great content and therefore great readership and email open rates.

Make your newsletter so valuable to your target market (small businesses, usually) that they look forward to reading it when it shows up. Heck, make it so valuable that if it doesn’t show up on the right day, some of your members will reach out and ask where the heck  their newsletter is.

How do you do that?

Make sure most of the newsletter is valuable (informative, entertaining, inspiring) content rather than advertisements for your events and your members promotions.

Include an article on how to save money on insurance (have a member write it). Link to several really well done posts on social media marketing or customer service. Include content from the latest government affairs meeting about the big controversial topic in town. Don’t think of your newsletter like a direct mail piece, focused on delivering advertising. Treat it more like a gift you are giving your members.

One other thing. Include a lot of photos of members and people from your community. People will always look for themselves and people they know. If they know there is a chance their photo will be in there, because you include a lot of photos, then they will be sure to read your chamber’s newsletter.

The question that Sarah posed got a lot of comments from chamber professionals from around North America.


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