How To Move Your Chamber From Being "Nice To Have" To Being Essential...
About 10 years ago, two people entered the chamber industry. They were very much alike. Both had college degrees. Both were eager for success. They even worked for similarly situated, mid-sized chambers in the U.S.

Recently, these two chamber professionals met each other for the first time.

They were still very much alike. Both were happily married, had school-age kids, and were home owners in the city in which they worked. Both were Chamber President/CEOs.

But there was one BIG difference.

In one chamber, the staff was overworked, underpaid, and constantly stressed from running from project to project, event to event. The chamber's budget was always tight, which limited what the staff could accomplish. And, on top of that, the chamber’s board was in a state of dysfunction, micromanaging the staff and bickering among themselves. No one was truly happy. 

While the chamber was nice to have, the staff, board, and even some members wondered if the chamber was even relevant and necessary anymore.

In the other chamber, it was a completely different situation. This chamber, because of several smart strategic decisions, now had 10 times the budget and 3 times the staff of the first chamber. The staff, from the CEO on down, was making a positive impact on the community and they were all very well compensated for it. The chamber ran as a well-oiled machine, with a sense of pride, fun, and excitement among the staff, board, and members. This chamber had recently been recognized as Chamber of the Year. The staff and board were considered local superheroes. 

This chamber was not only thought of as relevant, it was considered essential by the community.

What Made the Difference
As a chamber professional, have you ever wondered what makes this kind of difference between similarly positioned chambers? Is it that one chamber’s staff works hard while the other chambers doesn't? Or is it that one chamber has smarter staff? Or perhaps one wanted their chamber to remain relevant and essential and the other didn’t? Of course, it isn’t any of these things.

The difference lies in what knowledge and training each chamber team member acquires and how they use it.

And that is why I am sharing this story with you and other chamber professionals, telling you about a new resource, Chamber Pros Education. The whole purpose of Chamber Pros Education (CPEd) is to provide knowledge and training to chamber professionals – knowledge and training that Chamber Pros can use to make their chambers essential while the staff and board become superheroes in their communities.

A Resource Like No Other
You see, Chamber Pros Education is a unique resource. It’s the only one that brings Chamber Pros chamber-specific knowledge and training from the top experts from inside and outside the chamber industry through an easy to use and affordable video-based online platform.

CPEd is always available to you so you can get immediately answers to your questions and challenges. It’s hosted online with 24 x 7 x 365 access from your home, office, or meetings. It's at your fingertips whenever you want or need it.

CPEd is easy to use. Your entire team (staff, board, volunteers) can access the knowledge and training from any device, including laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. 

Unlike in-person conferences and events, with CPEd you can pause a training session to discuss the insights with your team. You can replay a session or part of one. You can share an actual session with a decision maker rather than trying to explain it. The sessions can be projected on a wall or big screen TV in your conference room for group learning and discussion.

Knowledge is Power
CPEd is packed with actionable knowledge and training from the chamber industry’s top experts and thought leaders including Cathi Hight, Kyle Sexton, Anissa Starnes, Glenn Shepard, Chuck Ewart, and many other top instructors and conference speakers. 

Additionally, there are training sessions, webinars, and interviews with experts in the association and business world including Sarah Sladek, author of The End of Membership as We Know It; Harrison Coerver, author of Road to Relevance and Race for Relevance; Jay Baer, Author of Youtility and Hug Your Haters; and Jim Brown, author of the Imperfect Board Member. 

With CPEd you get proven, cutting-edge strategies, insights, and tools that will make your chamber essential to the community and keep you up to date on the chamber industry. The knowledge gained and applied will make you and your chamber team local superheroes.
The vast majority of the training sessions, webinars, and interviews in Chamber Pros Education (CPEd) cannot be found anywhere else.  
CPEd contains knowledge and training on all areas of chamber work including:
  •  membership growth
  •  engagement
  •  retention
  •  non-dues revenue
  •  events
  •  sponsorships
  •  marketing
  •  social media
  •  sales
  •  government affairs
  •  board development
  •  tiered dues and more. 
    Matter of fact, there are more than 100 premium knowledge and training resources in the CPEd right now with more being added regularly.

    Further, CPEd includes an opportunity to discuss questions you may have with chamber colleagues from around the world. You can inquire as to what works and what doesn’t work (imagine having this peace of mind). And, like the superhero in your community that you will become, you can share your own insights and advice with others. Superheroes always give back.
    Tested and Proven
    The CPEd has been in BETA test mode for the past 9 months. During that time, we have received many testimonials on the usefulness of this unique resource for chamber professionals.

    "We have a brand-new CEO who started yesterday and is new to the Chamber industry. This is going to be such a huge asset for her to access! And I love how you have organized all the information into topics, so it is at our fingertips."

    Rosi Ouellette, Membership Development Coordinator, Belleville Chamber 

    "This is an incredible resource, your hard work makes ours so much easier."

     Mary Ellen Dombrowski, President/CEO, CT River Valley Chamber

    "The best part of the program, beyond the content and speakers, is that I can see that content whenever I have a free moment – and review it at any time as well." 

    Nancie Gray , Vice President, Special Events/Marketing, Greater Valley Chamber

    Put Chamber Pros Education (CPEd) to the test. This is the perfect time to invest in yourself and your team to get the knowledge and training you need. 

    You won’t have any of the high-priced conference registration fees to worry about. No hotel and airline travel expenses. No meals. None of the hassles of being away from home and the office for days. This is your chance to bring immediate chamber knowledge and training to you and your team.

    CPEd will be priced at $299/year soon but if you sign up during this special enrollment period, your investment will be just $12.41/month conveniently billed annually at $149. That’s a savings of 50%! 

    And, this discounted price is guaranteed to never go up if you enroll right now as a Charter Member.

    Invest in Yourself and Your Chamber.
    Regularly Priced at $299/Year
     Special Offer of Just $12.41/Month (Billed Annually) If You Enroll Now... 
    All information is encrypted and transmitted without risk using a Secure Sockets Layer Protocol.
    Your membership renews annually until cancelled.
    You have Frank's 30-day NO QUESTIONS ASKED money-back guarantee. If for any reason whatsoever you are not satisfied and you want your money back, just ask. You will be refunded immediately and we will still be friends! There is no risk for you or your chamber with this offer.

    If you agree that knowledge and training are critical in keeping chambers essential, and feel that this is a fair and reasonable proposition, then you want to act right now. 

    Back to the two Chamber Pros I mentioned earlier…

    They came into the chamber world at the same time and into similar circumstances. One runs a chamber that is thriving and essential to the members and community. The other struggles daily.

    What made the difference?

    Knowledge and Training. It's as simple as that.

    An Investment in Yourself and Your Chamber
    I cannot promise you instant superhero status in your community, but I can guarantee that you will find CPEd easy to use, value packed, and a smart investment in your future.

    P.S. Remember, your enrollment in the CPEd program applies to your entire team, staff, and board for only $12.41/month. Make your chamber essential and be a superhero in your community. Enroll today! 

    Invest in Yourself and Your Chamber.
    Regularly Priced at $299/Year
     Special Offer of Just $12.41/month (Billed Annually) If You Enroll Right Now... 
    All information is encrypted and transmitted without risk using a Secure Sockets Layer Protocol.
    Your membership renews annually until cancelled.
    Get Knowledge and Training (and Keep Up to Date) on These Important Topics (with more being added):
    • Expert Interviews from Inside and Outside the Chamber Industry
    • - Interview with Harrison Coerver on the "Road to Relevance" 
    • - Interview with Sarah Sladek on "The End of Membership as We Know It"
    • - Social Media for Chambers with Author Jamie Notter
    • - Industry Expert Sheila Birnbach on Chamber Management
    • - Interview with Chamber Expert Chuck Ewart on Best Practices
    • - Chamber Expert Valerie Boyle on Lessons Learned
    • - SEO Expert Lee Odden on Social Media and SEO for Chambers
    • - Social CRM and Social Selling for Chambers
    • - Chamber History. An Interview of the Industry with Chris Mead of ACCE
    • - Government Affairs Best Practices for Chambers
    • - Mobile Apps for Chambers
    • - International Chamber Trips and Trends in Travel
    • - Email Best Practices for Chambers
    • - Preston Nolan of Woobox on Facebook Contests and Apps
    • - Membership Drives Interview and Discussion
    • - Chambers Must Innovate to Stay Relevant
    • - Moving to the Cloud for Chambers and Members
    • - Beth Ziesenis on Free Apps, Tech, and Tools for Chambers
    • - Video, Social Media and Tech with President/CEO Greg Durocher
    • - Chamber Relevancy, Value, and Member Benefits
    • - Gamification and Cutting Edge Tools for Business
    • - Social Media for Chambers with Speaker Jeff Korhan
    • - Ribbon Cutting Best Practices for Chambers
    • - Economic Development and Government Affairs for Chambers
    • - Social CRM for Chambers and Members
    • - What's Working for Chambers Today
    • - Government Affairs and Advocacy for Chambers
    • - Interview with Best Selling Author and Speaker Bob Burg
    • - Chamber Focus Show Round Table Discussion
    • - Facebook Pages and Twitter Accounts for Chambers
    • - Non Dues Revenue with Author and Speaker Glenn Shepard
    • - What to Know About the Institute for Organization Management Program
    • - Chamber Ideas, Insights, and Strategies
    • - Email Marketing Tips for Chambers
    • - How Chamber Professionals are Using Social Media
    • - Interview with Jay Baer, Author of Youtility and Hug Your Haters
    • - Interview on the Future of Chambers with Dave Kilby of W.A.C.E.
    • - What You Need to Know About Membership Drives
    • - Optimize Your Digital Marketing with Lee Odden
    • - Are You Ready To Go Unorthodox?
    • - Chamber Round Table Discussion
    • - Urgent Advice for Chamber Professionals by Gary Coxe
    • - Tiered Dues Discussion with Kyle Sexton
    • - Chamber Websites, Mobile, Tech Discussion
    • - Dealing with Your Chamber's Board of Directors
    • - Interview with Chamber Industry Veteran Casey Steinbacher
    • - Interview with Legend Eddie McBride of the Lubbock Chamber
    • - Tech Tools and Tips for Chambers
    • - Chamber Discussion on Deals, Staff Turnover, Home Based Businesses
    • - Discussion on Networking, Total Resource Campaigns, Expectations
    • - Chamber Board Governance and Public Policy Discussion
    • - Interview with Author and Expert Beth Kanter on Small Towns
    • - The Modern Chamber - Moving to the Cloud and Responsive Design
    • - Economic Development Interview on the Death Spiral for Communities
    • - Chamber Interview with Donn Ingemie of Chamber Mail
    • - Scott Juranek of Chamber Master on What's New
    • - Chamber of Commerce Trends from the Trenches
    • - Dues and Non Dues Revenue for Chambers
    • - Storytelling and Content Marketing for Chambers
    • - The Future of Chambers with Guest Edward Rodriguez
    • - Chamber Boards and Chamber Websites Discussion
    • - Expert Interview - Brian Cleary of Ireland on Member Value
    • - Growing Your Membership and Influence
    • - Growing Your Small Town Chamber with Jason Camis
    • - Creating a Great Chamber of Commerce
    • - Debra Brown and Ponce Duran III on Small Towns and Millennials
    • - Mark Turner and Jodie Perry on Successful Chambers
    • - Chamber of Commerce Board Governance Trends
    • - Creating a Great Board of Directors
    • - Calling It Quits and Shutting Down the Chamber
    • - How to Get Your Board to be More Engaged
    • - The Trend Toward Broader Member Engagement
    • - The Bad Trend Toward Specialized Portfolios
    • - Keeping Your Boards and Committees Engaged
    • - The Perfect Board Size
    • - Chamber Of Commerce Board Governance Trends
    • - Board Development Resources
    • - Budgeting And Finance Resources
    • - Chamber CEO Interview with Brad Hicks, CCE, IOM, Ace.
    • - Chamber CEO Interview with Greg Durocher
    • - Chamber CEO Interview with Chris Romer
    • - Chamber CEO Interview with Caroline Grover
    • - How and Why to Install Your Facebook Pixel
    • - Creating Your Custom Audiences for Target Marketing
    • - Boosting Your Posts to Your Custom Audiences
    • - Uploading Your Custom Audience Lists
    • - Running a Custom Audience Likes Campaign
    • - Increase Your Retention Rate Through Member Engagement
    • - Strategies for Engaging Your Members
    • - Engagement Strategies
    • -Creating a Culture Of Engagement

    • Increasing Your Event Attendance (and Saving Time)
    • Government Affairs Resources
    • - Email Success Secrets for Chambers
    • - 3 Critical Email Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hitting Send
    • - Success with Chamber Email Campaigns
    • - Chamber Marketing Has Changed
    • - Updating Your Chamber’s Website
    • - Email Marketing Success for Chambers
    • - It’s A Whole New World for Chambers
    • - Images, Simple and Easy. Creation and Strategy for Chambers
    • - How to Grow Your Membership
    • - A Beginners Mind and Membership Growth
    • - Fulfilling Your Members Secret Networking Desires
    • - Providing Your Members With Visibility
    • - The Power of Partnership and Collaborations for Chambers
    • - How to Attract and Retain C Level Members
    • - Provide These 5 Solutions to Your Members and Community
    • - Understanding Your Member’s 4 Key Business Needs
    • - Your Member’s Specific (But Secret) Networking Desires
    • - Customer Value Chain For Chambers
    • - What Keeps Your Members Up at Night?
    • - Solutions Broker - The Chamber’s Role in The Member Value Chain
    • - 5 Ways to Refresh The Way You Think About Your Networking Program
    • - Thinking Beyond Dues Revenue
    • - Sources of Significant Non Dues Revenue
    • - Increasing Your Non Dues Revenue
    • - Member Retention Strategies
    •  SALES 
    • - The Mindset of a Successful Membership Salesperson
    • - How to Sell a Chamber Membership
    • - Knowing Your “Why”
    • - Solution Sales Full Presentation
    • - Images, Simple and Easy. Creation and Strategy for Chambers
    • - How to Create Great Images for Your Chamber
    • - Social Media Success Relies on Psychology, Not Technology
    • - Awesome Image Editing Tools for Mobile Devices
    • - What Your Chamber Should be Posting to Social Media
    • - What to Post to Your Chamber’s Platforms
    • - The Marketing World Has Changed
    • - Building Your Library of Images for Social Media
    • - Posting s Great Image ss Your Chamber’s Cover is Only Half the Job
    • - Visual Social Media Marketing for Chambers
    • - Content Marketing for Reach and Engagement
    • - Dues Structure Wisdom
    • - Moving to Tiered Dues
    • - Building a Tiered Membership Structure
    Invest In Yourself and Your Chamber. 
    Regularly Priced at $299/Year
     Special Offer of Just $12.41/month (Billed Annually) If You Enroll Right Now... 
    All information is encrypted and transmitted without risk using a Secure Sockets Layer Protocol.
    Your membership renews annually until cancelled.
    There is no risk for you or your chamber with this offer. You have Frank's 30-day NO QUESTIONS ASKED money back guarantee. If for any reason whatsoever you are not satisfied and you want your money back, just ask. You will be refunded immediately and we will still be friends!
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