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Content Marketing Bundle
The Content Marketing Bundle program is for you and your chamber if you want...
  • ​High quality, professionally designed, unique images available at your fingertips 24/7 on all your devices
  • Greater reach from your chamber's posts and more engagement from your audiences
  • Your time back. The Content Marketing Bundles are designed to give you back hours of your time!
Order today & get $2500 in bonuses!
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      What your chamber colleagues are saying...
      "The Content Marketing Bundle program has been an excellent resource for our Chamber. This program has been both a time saver and a sanity saver!"

      Rachel Unell, President, Mountain Communities Chamber of Commerce
      Image Examples 
      (We start you out with access to a library of 1150 images and send you 5 more great new images each and every week. What a time saver!)
      "I appreciate having ready-made, industry relevant material available on a weekly basis for our posts, website, emails. Not having to come up with something on our own every week is a real plus. "

      Valerie Boyle, President/CEO, Newark Chamber of Commerce
      BONUS: 230+ Small Business Articles for Your Website
      (Plus, you get access to the library of 230 professionally written small business article for your website or newsletter. We send you a new one each week. What a time saver!)
      "The Content Marketing Bundle provides our Chamber with great content that we use every week! It provides valuable content and saves us time!"

      Stacey Sullivan, Engagement Coordinator, Kawartha Chamber  & Tourism

      BONUS: 230+ Small Business "Mobile Minute" Videos
      (Plus, you get access to a library of 230 small business videos and a new one each week. What a time saver!)
      "We always use one of the featured graphics in our weekly email newsletter to members. And the written articles have saved my bacon more than a few times when I need content for online or our monthly printed magazine."

      Bob Hammersley, President & CEO, St. Thomas & District Chamber of Commerce
       "For the record I really appreciate this content. It is very helpful."
      Nancy-jo Manney, Executive Director , Greater Springfield Chamber 
      "Wish I had found it sooner. Great content to use as Chambers of Commerce."  

      Marianne Hanson, Executive Director, Portage Area Chamber of Commerce
      All information is encrypted and transmitted without risk using a Secure Sockets Layer Protocol.
      Your membership renews annually until cancelled.
      Order today to get the $2500 in bonuses!
      We start you out with access to our Bonus Libraries with 1150 images, 230 articles, and 230 videos

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      People often ask us where the Content Marketing Bundle idea came from...
      A little over 4 years ago we were asked by a chamber to create social media content for them.

      They wanted a week's worth of high quality social media images sent to them on a regular basis that they could share on their platforms.  They also wanted short videos and a weekly small business articles for their newsletter and website. 

      They wanted to buy this content so they wouldn't get a surprise letter from any lawyers asking for money for copyright infringement. 

      They didn't have to the time or tools to create this content in-house. 

      Norma is a graphic designer and photographer so creating the images was something she had the talent and tools to do. 

      The problem was it took several hours each week to create unique, engagement-getting images.  The videos also took a lot of time with scripting, shooting, and editing. The articles would have to come from a professional business researcher/writer. 

      As you can imagine, getting all this content created each week was out of this chamber's price range.  

      We figured it was about 8 hours of work. 

      The chamber's staff would just have to find the time and resources to do it themselves. 

      Then we had the idea that most chambers didn't really compete against each other and maybe the price could come down if chambers from all over subscribed to get weekly bundles of content. 

      We offered it up and hundreds of chambers from the U.S. and Canada subscribed. 

      With everyone working together, the price per week came down to just $3.85/week for 5 chamber-specific images, a small business article article, and a Mobile Minute training video. 

      It was something all chambers could afford. 

      It saved them about 8 hours of work each week for just $3.85. 

      Plus they got access to the content library we created over the past 4+ years. So 1150 images, 230 articles, 230 videos. 

      All accessible 24 x 7 from any device. Just click, share and done.  Or they could be schedule out. 

      It's a no brainer. 

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