Are You Using a Chamber Welcome Email?

Generally chambers are a little more hands-on in developing relationships with new members. There are chambers who have formal breakfasts for new members every month, some that have mixers, some that send welcome “baskets”, some that have ambassadors call all new members to help them get acquainted.

Some chambers may shy away from welcome emails because they seem a bit impersonal but once you see the statistics on open rates, you may decide they are a very effective way to connect with new members.

Using a Chamber Welcome Email


Whether you are welcoming people to your chamber or thanking them for subscribing to your newsletter (if it’s not a member benefit), half of those you send it to will open it. According to Marketing Profs, welcome emails have 4x the open rate as other email communications. Welcome emails with links have a 5x higher click-through rate than other bulk communications. Depending on schedules, the email may also be the beginning of your relationship with the member.

If you think a welcome email gets lost in the shuffle when a chamber emailsmember first joins, consider a welcome series. For the first few weeks of membership you could send a quick automated message with a new tip each time on getting involved.

While not a great fit for chambers, it is interesting to note that businesses who sent out coupon links in their welcome emails saw as much as a 93% click-through rate. Maybe there’s a member business who’d be interested in paying for that sort of exposure?

When sending out your welcome email make sure you include all of your social profiles and how your new member can connect with you. When it comes to social media, we all have our preferences so include everything you’re active on.

Welcome emails should never replace your face-to-face on boarding program but it appears they are a lot more “welcome” in your members’ in boxes than originally thought.

Guest post by Christina Green

Image stat via Marketing Profs


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