Chamber tip: Jump To A Tiered Dues Model

We asked: “If you had to provide one forward looking (innovative) tip concerning growing a chamber, increasing retention, or non-dues revenue generation, what would it be?”

Guest post by Matt Votaw, Executive Director of the Perry County Chamber

Reasons to jump to a tiered dues model for your chamberI would suggest the change to a tiered benefits membership platform.

Many businesses will only join at the entry level because they only want to do what they feel is necessary.

However, those who look to go the extra mile or want something more than just an entry level experience will jump at a higher tier if it’s of benefit to them specifically.

It’s more work, and it’s a huge adjustment, but when you are able to sell your Chamber as not only a best business practice, but also an indispensable tool for the money, you will see that many of the “smaller” businesses are likely to become as financially invested as the “big” ones, and more so emotionally, because they have further to climb up the ladder.

Once the buy-in happens, you will notice retention starts to go up, as well as income.
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Matt Votaw is the Executive Director of the Perry County Chamber of Commerce in Linden, Tennessee, with a County population just shy of 8,000. Matt joined the Chamber in 2007, which was just starting it’s second year of existence at the time.

During that time, he served as both a Board Member and as President of the Chamber’s Board of Directors until 2010. Matt was hired as Executive Director in 2010.

Matt’s primary focus has been on shaping the benefits of the Chamber’s membership tiers in a way that makes the largest impact on his members. Matt lives on the banks of the beautiful Buffalo River in Beardstown, Tennessee with his wife, two sons and and two dogs.

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