Chambers, Save Time and Money With These Tech Tools and Tips

Would you love to know the best (and newest) online tech tools that save you time?

Check out these tech tools and tipsWould you value tech tools that make you and your team more productive?

Would you love to save money on tech tools?

If you want to save time and money (most of these tools are free) then you must watch this episode, #52, of the Chamber Focus Show.

Tech Tools and Tips


Our special guest is our Nerdy Best Friend, Beth Z.

Beth has a NEW BOOK, Release Your Inner Nerd. Apps, tech tools, and tips to get organized, get creative, and get ahead.

Beth is the Tech Tools expert. Get up to speed fast in this session.

Questions we had for Beth:

1. The new iPhone is out; Android has some amazing new options; BlackBerry is being sold. What should chambers be thinking about in terms of hardware for the rest of 2013 and beyond?

2. Do you have any great tools to create awesome content for social media?

3. I know your new book just came out. What are your all-time favorite tech tools and why?

4. Many more questions on tech tools and tips.



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Beth Ziesenis Bio

Meet Beth Ziesenis, your own personal Nerdy Best Friend.

Beth Z keeps up with all the new online applications and downloads that can help you look like you’re working with a team of marketing, computer and productivity experts, even if you suffer from a shrinking staff and a disappearing budget.

Beth loves to share her tools online via the blog and in person at presentations. And she’s even been known to share a few tips over cupcakes and coffee.

Beth Ziesenis is an author, speaker technology consultant and nerd. Since her first Commodore 64 computer, Beth has been fascinated with technology and computer shortcuts that make people’s lives easier.

From her home base in sunny San Diego, California, Beth helps computer users all over the country filter through thousands of apps, gadgets, widgets and doodads to find the perfect free and bargain technology tools for business and personal use through presentations and her book Upgrade to Free: The Best Free and Low-Cost Online Tools and Apps, available in electronic and print editions on and other online outlets.

Read more about Beth Z at


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