Do You Need a Chamber Door Prize Policy?

A person in our Chamber Professional’s Group on Facebook asked about door prizes for events and if there was a tactful way a minimum value could be established.

Do you need a door prize policy

It’s very important for your chamber to have some kind of written policy for door prizes.

It should clearly establish a minimum (and maximum) value that will be accepted. The reason for this policy is to give you something to stand on should you be challenged by a member who was offended by you not accepting their low-value door prize.

If you can refer back to the chamber’s policy as the reason behind not accepting the item/service, it becomes about a policy not about you.

Making the Most of Door Prizes


If turning down the door prize is not an option, even with the policy in place, consider packaging the low-value prize with another door prize and creating a combination package that is more inline with your policy.

You could also hold that door prize for the next event. Another option is using it in a silent auction down the road, where you take several of the door prizes that weren’t up to par with your established minimum value and create a basket.

Saving the door prize for another event is fine.

After all, you can only give away so many door prizes at an event and still have it be fun. After 5-6 drawings of business cards from the hat, and the hoopla of running the packages to the winners, and the subsequent rounds of applause, things get tiresome. It’s great fun up to about 6 or so items, but probably not a dozen, so saving door prizes for your next event is a good idea.


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