Don’t Upgrade Your Chamber’s Website Before Watching this Chamber Interview

Have you considered upgrading your chamber’s website?

Thinking of upgrading your Chamber's website? Watch this firstPerhaps it has been a few years since your website was developed and it is looking a little long-in-the-tooth.

I had the opportunity recently to interview a chamber professional that went through a website redevelopment.

They not only upgraded their website, they won an award for it through ACCE.

Chamber Website Upgrade


I spoke with Andra Bennett, APR of the Fort Worth Texas Chamber about the process. She was the lead chamber marketing person on the project.

Watch this video interview to discover:

  • Before and after shots of the chamber’s website
  • Considerations they went through before starting the project
  • Goals of the chamber website upgrade
  • The audience they wanted to reach and how they segmented it
  • How they dealt with scope creep
  • How they tackled branding, color, and graphic design issues
  • And lastly, recommendations that she had for other chambers looking at doing a website upgrade, including:
    • What to include on the site
    • How to keep the new site updated
    • How much time to plan for
    • Vendor strategies
    • RFP (request for proposal) strategies. Don’t reinvent the wheel!
    • More.



Thinking of doing a website upgrade at your chamber? Recently completed one?

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Andra’s LinkedIn Summary

I’m a forward-thinking, accredited PR professional focused on long-term results. I have a broad range of experience in corporate, non-profit and government communications, from sensitive media interviews about abused children to an Oval Office meeting with the president of the United States.

With more than 20 years of communications experience in DFW, I’ve established solid relationships with local media, business and community leaders.

Specialties:Public policy messaging, marketing communications, print or electronic publication planning and editing, B2B event marketing, media relations, organizational streamlining, non-profit board management.


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