Want More Chamber Followers? Do This.

In the Chamber of Commerce Professionals Group on Facebook a secret leaked out.

It’s not really a secret, it’s just so obvious that many chambers forget to do it.ask for likes

You do it when you’re looking for a job.

You might have done it when you were looking for a significant other.

You do it when you’re looking for a good mechanic, accountant, hairdresser…well you get the idea.

What is it? ————————————->


Mastering the Ask


If you want more likes, more followers, more views it’s as simple as asking. Admittedly, asking people if they’ll like you does sound desperate so how can you ask without sounding like you’re worried you’ll have to take your cousin to the prom?

Place it in your signature. If you have an official email signature, and you should, add your chamber social media profiles to it.

Announce it at meetings. Remind people you have a Facebook page or a Google+ profile. Ask them to check it out.

Place information on there (first) that will entice people to like your page.

Ask influential people (like your board members) to like your page. Then ask them to share it with their followers. Create chamber social media ambassadors to help you spread your message.

Use your design skills. If you have an electronic newsletter, add a button that directs people to like your page. People like to click on buttons.

Invite people to like your page. Periodically, visit your Facebook page and take a look at the section that asks you to invite people to the page. Select a few and invite them.

Promote your page or profile. Make your chamber call to action be liking our page.

Place your social media profiles on the front page of your chamber website in a very visible place. Bonus points if you have language surrounding them that asks for a follow/like.

Making the most of unsubscribes. While I hope you don’t get many unsubscribes, if you have an electronic newsletter you have a way for people to unsubscribe. Direct them to a landing page that reads something like, “Sorry if this newsletter is not what you’re looking for. Maybe another communication channel works better?” and list your social media profiles. Or have some fun with it, “We’re sorry to see you go. Don’t you like us anymore?” and then list your buttons.

The simplest way to get someone to do something is to ask them. If you’re not asking people to like and follow, you’re missing out on a lot of them.

Just remember, others like to be liked and followed too. Don’t make this a one-way street. When possible, return the favor.


Guest post by Christina Green

Image via Flickr by otama


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