22 Ways to Repurpose your Chamber’s Seminar Content

Yesterday we featured some tips on when to begin marketing your chamber seminar, from that sprung the idea that spending all of your time on a seminar is great but just because the seminar is over does not mean your use of it is, or your marketing for that matter.reuse chamber seminar content

Quantity is the number one concern for people producing content – quality is second. Here are a few ways you can turn one seminar into weeks worth of content:

22 Creative Reuses for Seminar Content


Video or Audio

1.  This is the easiest reuse, straight up video or audio (podcast) of your content. How you share it is the part you’ll need to discuss. Do you make it free for attendees? How about members who didn’t attend? Do you sell it to everyone or sell it to the general population but make it free for members as a member perk?

Sound Bytes

2.  These audio snippets can be used as teasers either to market your video/podcast or simply as interesting shares.


3.  If the presenter had slides, ask him/her if you can make them available on your website or on SlideShare. A Prezi presentation can also be shared on your site. Make sure you socialize it as well.

Image Quotes

4.  This is one of my favorites. Take a quote from the seminar and lay it over top of an image. Share it on your social media profiles.


5.  Tweet the top five takeaways of the seminar.

6.  Tweet questions that were asked during it as teasers to get people to watch/purchase the video.

7.  Retweet audience comments/feedback the next day.

8.  Tweet inspirational quotes that tie in with the spirit of your seminar. Use references made by the speaker of quotes from his/her book, website etc.


9.  Post a picture of the seminar with a question that was asked by the audience or a what would you do? scenario that came up during it.

10. Add a poll of what seminar topic interests your audience most. Look for questions from the seminar that lend themselves to polling then ask your audience.

11. Ask what attendees’ biggest takeaways were (or most profound learning moments) from the seminar.

12. If there’s a dissenting opinion on your chamber Facebook page or any of your social profiles, don’t worry. If the person is professional about his/her differing views, ask them to write a blog post for you illustrating their point. This is a great way to open up discussion.


13. Pose a question that came up in your seminar. Link back to your seminar recording.

14. Interview the presenter and post the transcript and video.


15. Don’t forget this profile. Highlight local businesses who are following the suggestions talked about in the seminar or give real-world examples in your community.


16. Create boards for the following (as fitting):

  • Follow-up board. This board can contain key takeaways for the businesses. It’s a nice reference piece.
  • Collateralls. Include any sources or examples the speaker shared. Any great stats (bonus points if you marry them with an image). Also ways to contact the speaker, speakers bio, etc.
  • Pictures from the event (bonus if you add a killer quote from the speaker over one of him/her.)


17. Write about questions asked during the seminar. You could create a whole series of them.

18. Post a transcript of the interview with the presenter. If you did this ahead of time as part of your marketing, ask the presenter what the next step/trend is in the topic that was covered. Post his/her response.


19. If you’ve created a series of blog posts on the seminar topic, stitch them together and create an E-book on the topic. Brand it to your chamber and post it to your website, sharing it on the social spheres.


20. Hopefully you took lots of these at the event. Have a funny one? Use it for a caption contest.

21. Post the images to your social sites. Tag people, if appropriate.


22. Remember the polling you did on Facebook? Gather those results and create an infographic from them. Infographics don’t have to be complicated works of art. There’s even software that can help you put something together.

Don’t dump all your repurposed content on the site the same day. Leak it so your audience can savor it and there’s more of a chance that more people will see it.

These are just a few suggestions for easily taking the content you have and giving it a new life to meet your chamber needs.

How do you repurpose content?

Guest post by Christina Green

Image via Flickr by Urbanists


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