Hosting Events at Chamber Member Businesses

Do you host events at chamber member businesses?

Many chambers host events at member restaurants, bars, hotels, and other hospitality-based businesses but don’t limit yourself. There may be other businesses in your community interested in hosting your next event. Get Your Members Out in the Community   If your chamber office isn’t suited to host events, or you simply want to increase your sponsorship […]

Are Chamber Job Titles Important?

Do your chamber job titles reflect your mission?

We’ve all seen the zany job titles that are coming out of companies working at becoming more engagement-focused — chief engagement officer, customer solutions rep, director of customer success. I saw one this morning that I really liked. An association is looking for a member value and experience associate. Most chambers don’t have the luxury […]

Grow Your Relationships and Grow Your Chamber with this Tip

Chamber Pros Insider Tip #192 Happy Wednesday. Hope you are having a great day. Yesterday we explored the French Quarter of New Orleans on our bikes and had a yummy southern meal. Please don’t ask about the beads : ) On to today’s Chamber tip Do you want to grow your organization? One of the keys is […]

Explaining Member Benefits to Long-Time Chamber Members

Do your existing members understand their chamber benefits?

One of the reasons people don’t renew is because they’re not using their member benefits to their fullest. They simply don’t know what the chamber can do for them but getting them to attend a “Chamber 101″ class, after years of membership is difficult to do. That’s why one of the members of the Chamber […]

Look Like an Image Creation Wizard with this Chamber Tip

Chamber Pros Insider Tip #191 How’s your day going? Today’s my birthday so you can bet Norma (and Trixie) will make it a great one. She already put together this fun photo collage of our journey this past year. And, she has informed me that today (and tonight) we will be celebrating in New Orleans! (I think […]