Chamber of Commerce Trends – Chamber Focus Show Episode #61

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In this episode of the Chamber Focus Show, #61, we discussed several chamber industry trends. Discover what these leading chamber professionals are doing at their chambers to prepare for the future. Join us each Friday at Noon (Pacific) to participate or watch the show live. Previous Episodes of the Chamber Focus Show (sorted by most viewed) […]

Chambers: What are You Leaving Behind?

Do you leave a gift for chamber prospects?

If you makes sales calls on potential members, do you leave anything behind? A member of the Chamber of Commerce Professionals Group on Facebook asked: We are trying to come up with a small (inexpensive) yet impactful “gift” that we can take on prospective member business visits to give along with our membership information. Does […]

Great Chamber Ideas for Helping Struggling Businesses

How are you helping struggling businesses?

A member of the Chamber of Commerce Group on Facebook asked: When a small business owner comes to you and says “Help. I’m struggling.” What are some specific things you do as a Chamber to help them? Would like to see what other Chambers out there are doing specifically to help struggling small businesses. It’s […]

Does Your Chamber Offer an e-Plaque for Member Websites?

Do you give chamber members a badge for their websites?

We’re all familiar with member plaques and member window clings, but have you offered your members an e-logo for their websites (like the one pictured)? A member of the Chamber of Commerce Professionals Group on Facebook asked: Does anyone allow their members to post an “e-plaque” on their website indicating that they are proud members […]

5 Things to Get Clear with Your Chamber’s Social Media Volunteer

What should you tell a social media volunteer?

Many chamber professionals are turning to volunteers and interns for their social media needs. From posting to finding content, these helpers can be extraordinary time savers. However, don’t assume they know your business like you do. Here are 10 things you need to get straight/communicate before you turn it over to them: Your social media […]