Don’t Fall Prey to Disconnected Chamber Storytelling

Is the chamber story you're telling the same one everyone is hearing?

Storytelling is about more than just your About Page. That’s a good place to start to begin telling your story, but telling an effective chamber story goes beyond what you write about yourself in your web copy. Chamber storytelling is shaped by all marketing components, including those you have no control over, such as: word-of-mouth marketing social media […]

4 Creative Chamber Event Ideas

Are you dreaming big in your chamber events

Creating a unique event goes a long way in bolstering attendance. Something that’s rarely done gets people excited about buying tickets just as hosting the same old event gets tiresome after a while. Creative Event Theme Ideas   When a chamber exec looked to the pros on the Chamber Professionals Group on Facebook for innovative ideas for […]

Quotes for Chambers for Small Business Week

Celebrate small business week by setting your own path

With Small Business Week quickly upon us the first week of May, I thought I’d dedicate this blog post to sharing some quotes about small business, entrepreneurship, and inspiration. I’ve made several of the quotes easy to tweet (if they were 140 characters or less, of course), just click on the tweet button next to […]

More Non-Dues Revenue Suggestions from Chambers

How is your chamber creating non-dues revenue opportunities?

Following up on the Chamber Focus Show topic this week on non-dues revenue, a member of the Chamber of Commerce Professionals Group on Facebook asked her peers what programs (outside of events) they’ve had success with. More Revenue. Less Events.   Here are a few of their ideas: Social Media Package The Lacombe and District […]

Dues and Non-dues Revenue for Chambers – Chamber Focus Show Episode #62

  In this episode of the Chamber Focus Show, #62, we discussed various dues and non-dues revenue strategies for chambers. We talked about chamber events, chamber of commerce affinity programs, international chamber trips or excursions, dues structures, and many other topics related to chamber of commerce revenue.  Join us each Friday at Noon (Pacific) to […]