Secrets of a Successful Chamber Social Media Ambassadors Program

Do you have a social media ambassadors program for your chamber?

An interesting discussion on the Chamber of Commerce Professionals Group brought to light a social media ambassador’s program with more than just a clever name. The Great Wilkes-Barre Chamber SMARTies, which stands for Social Media Ambassadors and Resource Team, have a closed group on Facebook for discussion but they regularly reach out to local businesses to […]

Make Your New Chamber Member Orientation Special

What does your chamber do to welcome new members?

Welcoming new members is one of the most important things you can do. Most new members are in the honeymoon phase and they’re excited by all the possibilities that membership has to offer. But if they don’t feel welcomed, those good feelings quickly turn to misgivings and it’s hard to come back from that. Tips […]

Where are Your Chamber Members and What Are They Doing There?

Where are your chamber members and what are they doing?

Fish where the fish are only works to catch some when the fish are there to eat. The same holds true of social media. Yes, it’s important to know where your audience is but it’s equally important to know why they’re there.   Why the “Why” or “What” Matters   Knowing why someone is on […]

Why Your Chamber Shouldn’t be the Hero of Your Chamber Story

Are you sending chamber e-newsletters on your terms or your members?

We talk a lot about telling your chamber story and how it will engage your members, but just as we all try and avoid the braggart in our non-virtual lives the same will happen if every time you tell your chamber story you are the hero. The Power of the Sidekick If you’ve ever had […]

Adding Value on Your Chamber Members’ Terms: Podcasts

How do you liven up your Chamber Business After Hours Events?

This post is the final part of a three-part series featuring ways your chamber can meet members on their terms and time. Check out the first post on Twitter chats here or the second installment on Google Hangouts. Lunch and Learns are great value to the members assuming your members can attend but that’s not always the […]