Pinterest now boasts over 70 million users, with the average household income of $100,00. If your chamber isn’t using it, or isn’t seeing the level of engagement you want, consider the following tips.

Pinterest Tips for Chambers


Using Pinterest for Chambers

Business Pages

Don’t use a personal page for your chamber, use a business one. You’ll be forgoing helpful analytics if you post things under your personal page. Pinterest business analytics will allow you to see who shares your pins as well as who pins things off of your website.


There are several things you should be doing on Pinterest to maximize search optimization on your page:

  • Use your chamber name as your business page name.
  • Use the 160 character bio for important information about your chamber.
  • Name your boards using keywords or phrases that are important/valued by your chamber.
  • Take the time to rename your pictures. Using the name your cell phone or camera assigns them gives you absolutely no SEO benefit unless you are trying to place for terms like WIN2014_0440.
  • Write the description with SEO and key phrases in mind.
  • If you upload your own images (images you took or own the permissions for), add your chamber name/logo to them.


You don’t pay by board so don’t feel like you need to skimp on the number of boards you have. Ideas for chamber boards include:

  • Events (give larger events their own board)
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Special recipes
  • Hometown treasures
  • Popular sites around town
  • Visual symbols of your town/area (think about those emails you get with lists that read “You know you”re from City X if…)”
  • Social media tips
  • Infographics for business
  • Specific boards for members’ upcoming events around town, like events for Super Bowl Sunday or Back to School
  • Best ______ in the area. This could be posts of best brunch, best park, best brew houses, whatever suits your region
  • Group boards for your members (allows members to add posts to your boards. Great for recipes and pictures of events.)

Pinterest suits any chamber interested in attracting more people to its area, showcasing themselves or their sites, or just connecting with people on a visual medium.

There is a lot of sharing that goes on in the platform but the conversation is minimal. Share and share alike is good advice on Pinterest so search places in your town and pin others pins on your board as well as your own.


Guest post by Christina Green

“BBC Key Pins” Image via Flickr by Barney Livinston


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