Networking Task for Chamber Ambassadors

Are your ambassadors all that they can be at networking events?

Some of us are natural networkers. Hopefully your chamber ambassadors are, but if they aren’t, do you give them networking tasks or instructions to help them make the most of your chamber events? While your ambassadors are volunteers and members, giving them goals or instructions (for those who need them) to maximize their networking time […]

20 Summer Fun Chamber Social Media Post Ideas

Is your chamber newsletter meeting its objective? The key is content.

We all struggle with content. It’s not so much the posting — that can be automated. It’s thinking of original things to post that drains our time. Here are 20 ideas for your chamber that should work across most of your social streams with the exception of LinkedIn. First create a hashtag just for this […]

To Pay or Not to Pay: Chamber Interns

Do you have a Chamber intern program?

With summer quickly approaching it seems fitting that a member of the Chamber Professionals Group on Facebook asked: Quick question on interns – pay or no pay? In past we’ve paid minimum wage if not receiving class credit. If getting credit then no pay. The chamber professionals’ answers ran the gamut on their experiences with […]

See How One Chamber Makes the Most of its Homepage Rotators

Are you using your homepage rotators?

Rotators are a popular trend in chamber website homepage design for several reasons: They allow you to showcase a lot of important information in a very small space above “the fold.” The rotating movement attracts attention. Humans like to click on things and even though rotators rotate, you’ll find many people will take control of […]

Tips for Chamber Emails and Avoiding Overload

How do you thnak your chamber volunteers?

Email blasts have made it exponentially easier to communicate what you want when you want, but if your notion of frequency and importance doesn’t jive with your members’ you’ll see a quick increase in unsubscribes. Here’s how you can keep this from happening: Tips for Chamber Emails   Break Up the Info While many chambers […]