Chamber Conference Room Policies

Do you make your chamber conference room available to members?

Do you have a conference room in your chamber building? Are members allowed to use it? On the Chamber of Commerce Professionals Group on Facebook, a member recently asked: Looking for conference room policies, please. If members may use for free, do you have a set number of hours per month/year? If you charge, what […]

Improve Your Lunch and Learn Sessions With These Crowd-Pleasing Topics

What are your most popular chamber lunch and learn topics?

A member of the Chamber of Commerce Professionals Group on Facebook  asked: What are your best attended seminar/lunch & learn topics? Chamber professionals from all over the country rang in and here are some of the most popular topics they suggested for drawing a crowd: Google+ Seminar (or other social media learning): everyone thinks they should […]

5 Engagement Ideas Your Chamber Can Do in Minutes a Day

Engagement doesn't take that much time. It just takes effort. How is your chamber engaging members?

Time. It’s the biggest problem chambers have. Not enough time to effectively engage everyone you want to. It’s time to make the most of your stolen moments — minutes in between meetings, waiting for someone to pick up the phone, things you can do while you’re texting someone, etc. — all of that time we […]

Chambers and Recruiting the Young Entrepreneur

How does your chamber recruit young entrepreneurs?

There’s an interesting conversation going on at the Chamber Professionals Group on Facebook. A chamber professional wanted to know what other chambers are doing to attract the young entrepreneur. How do I get younger entrepreneurs into the chamber. I am struggling with the perception that the Chamber is for old people. the few that come […]

Ideas for Incentives for Chamber Referrals

Do you reward businesses who refer new chamber members to you?

A member of the Chamber of Commerce Professionals Group on Facebook asked: Do you provide incentives to members who bring new businesses to join? We have talked about giving a discount on membership to the member when a new member joined through their referral. But it seems like a lot to track and keep on […]