How to Let Go of a Chamber Event

How do you sunset chamber events?

Where does a chamber professional find the time to engage with members and create content? The answer is easier than you think. You only have time for the important stuff and it’s not all important, no matter how it feels. Since you can’t create more hours in the day, you have to take a look at how […]

Grow Your Chamber by Sharing Your Why

Chamber Pros Insider Tip #177 Are you about ready for Christmas? We had hoped to be in Fort Lauderdale this year for the holidays after traveling the country (and here we are). And, Norma’s 2015 Fine Art Calendars with images from our travels, have been receiving rave reviews from gift buyers. Check out this fun video testimonial from a buyer. […]

Should you Announce an Increase in Chamber Dues?

Does your chamber send out an increasing dues announcement?

A member of the Chamber of Commerce Professionals Group on Facebook asked if the group thought it was wise to announce a dues increase to membership. In her experience these sorts of things always ended badly with angry comments, nonrenewals, and a general stink. But she wondered if the board president might know something she didn’t as […]

The Rise and Fall of Status Quo

  In a pleasant community, one not unlike yours, there was a certain forward-looking chamber professional who loved her chamber and her town very much. Her name was Innovation. She had all the attributes one would want in a chamber leader. She was visionary, entrepreneurial, giving, dedicated, friendly, diplomatic, thoughtful, thick-skinned, and passionate. More than […]

The Importance of a Well-Chosen Chamber Hashtag

What's your chamber hashtag?

Back in the olden days of social media – circa 2010 – hashtags were only for Twitter. They generally were boring names of companies. Then wittiness surfaced and people began using them as asides like #tootiredtosleep. Now it seems like every social media platform uses the much misunderstood hashtag. What is a Hashtag Supposed to […]

Chambers, Use Social Media Listening Tools to Put People Into Your Sales Funnel

Chamber Pros Insider Tip #175 Happy Monday from Fort Lauderdale. After spending 22 years in Michigan growing up and then 23 years in Washington State, I have got to say that year-round sunshine and warmth has its advantages : ) On to today’s Chamber tip Social media, as you know, isn’t that great for blasting your self-promotions. […]

Why Chamber CEOs Need to Build Their Personal Brands First

Which comes for chamber brand or a personal one?

It’s often debated which is more important the CEO/Executive Director’s personal brand or the chamber’s? At some point that individual will be gone and the chamber will continue, so many argue the leader’s brand needs to come second. Peace keepers will note both brands are important. The chamber will always be there but strong leadership makes […]