14 Ways to Showcase Your Community on Social Media

Content ideas for your chamber that focus on your community

Each town has a flavor and something special about it. If you’re not capturing that in your social media and blog posts, you’re missing opportunities to connect. The following ideas can be used as social media posts or blog posts depending how lengthy you’d like to make them. Think of them as story starters. 14 […]

Celebrate Independents Week

Are you celebrating Independents Week at your chamber?

No, that title isn’t a typo. It’s a call to celebrate the independent businesses of your community from July 1st – July 7th. The national movement has roots in independent bookstores, who originally created it to encourage shopping there over national chains. It’s been going on longer than Small Business Saturday (the Saturday after Black Friday, an event […]

What to Do When Your Chamber Audience is Ignoring You

Interaction and engagement aren’t easy. They take consistency and time, a commitment to it, a willingness to have conversations, and take time away from your “real job.” But it’s something that must be done if you want to continue connecting to an audience that is becoming more and more scattered and appeals for attention are no longer […]

Why You Need Images in Your Chamber Tweets

Are your ambassadors all that they can be at networking events?

If your chamber is active on Twitter there are probably times when you produce something you’re really proud of and you wish it had gotten more traction. If you’re confident your content is on track with what your audience wants then you have to assume people just aren’t noticing it. Images are the way to […]

4 Things to Consider Before Offering Monthly Billing at the Chamber

Do you use content that teases in your chamber?

If you’ve been thinking about monthly billing for membership, you’re not alone. It was a topic of conversation on the Chamber of Commerce Professionals Page on Facebook recently. If they haven’t done so already, you can expect members will start asking for it. After all, it’s what they are becoming accustomed to from software providers […]