Are Member Ethics Chamber Business?

Can you deny a business membership based on member morals?

On the Chamber of Commerce Professionals Group on Facebook there are often questions that come up about allowing “questionable” albeit legal, businesses to become members. This is a new and broadening frontier as former illegal businesses now may operate legally as well as questions of personal ethics falling under national scrutiny. These are complicated times. […]

Would You Use a Chamber Volunteer Who Refused to Go to Meetings?

Are you working with or against chamber volunteers?

Chambers are recognizing the member is expecting more personalized attention. Offerings have evolved from a parental idea of what members need to accommodating what members want. Providing value, from the member’s perspective, is the best way to ensure they will renew next year. How Far Does Accommodating Members Go?   This is not a question […]

Are These Chamber Content Mistakes Getting in the Way of Shares?

How to recognize good content?

Some content is more shareable than others. For instance business content shared to my personal Facebook stream (which is predominated by mommies and techies, not sure why but most of my friends fall into those categories), doesn’t go very far. They simply don’t need information on how to market a small business. Imagining one of my […]

Is It Time for Flying Cars at Your Chamber Events?

Find a theme members will want to get excited about

The members of the Chamber of Commerce Professionals Group on Facebook share some amazing ideas with one another. This event theme worked on so many levels it simply had to be shared. Hats off to the Strathroy & District Chamber of Commerce. This will undoubtedly be an amazing event. A Memorable Event Starts with a […]

Starting an Educational Foundation at the Chamber

thinking about starting an educational foundation?

A member of the Chamber of Commerce Professionals Group on Facebook asked: We have established an Education Foundation. We are looking for creative ways to enhance the Foundation especially in the areas of fundraising, community involvement, programming, etc. I appreciate your input! There are a number of ways to develop educational foundations that strengthen your […]