Tips for Chambers on Hosting Debates

How does your chamber handle candidate debates?

Many people find that the process of narrowing down political candidates, understanding their platforms, and ultimately selecting a candidate who best fits their world view is difficult. And while it feels very time consuming, it is also an important decision that affects the community. Chambers can help by sponsoring Meet the Candidate nights. But how do […]

How to Help Lone Attendees at Chamber Events

How is your chamber spotting members?

Some people are natural networkers and you needn’t worry about them. They could have a good conversation with their reflection, but for many the idea of attending a chamber event alone takes us out of our comfort zone. So what can you do to make singles feel more comfortable at your events? Look for Commonalities […]

How Can Chambers and Newspapers Work Together

How does your chamber work with your local newspaper?

Newspapers need help these days. Not only is their medium out of style but with social media, everyone is a reporter. They often can’t get the local stories told as quickly as they unfold on social media. But newspapers still have an interest in the heartbeat of the community and much of their value comes […]

Are You Making This Mistake on Your Chamber’s Social Media Posts?

Are you making this mistake on your chamber social posts?

There’s an organization I’ve been following for a while in my town. It caters to one of my hobbies. I follow it on Facebook so I can stay up-to-date. I am a bad Facebook follower because I have not marked it as a page I always want to see. I haven’t done it on purpose, […]

3 Creative Ideas from Chambers for Giveaways

New ideas for chamber raffles and drawings

Raffles and door prizes are great incentives for attendance and money raisers (in some cases) but after a while, they all start to look the same. Several chamber shared with the Chamber Professionals Group on Facebook what they do to keep things new and fresh. 3 New Ideas for Your Chamber Events   Progressive Pots […]