Teaching Chamber Members about Humor in Marketing

Are you using humor in chamber marketing?

What’s the quickest way to go viral on a video? Show unlikely people dancing (or lip syncing) to a trendy song — old folks taking on AC/DC’s Shook Me All Night Long or a bunch of chiropractors doing the “Whip.” For chambers who offer lunch and learns or other sessions for members, teaching them to […]

Your Chamber and Working with Downtown Associations

If things seem in control

I’ll blame Facebook in some instances, for the ability for groups of people to become powerful forces in the community almost overnight. Some groups in your community may be established downtown or merchant associations, while others may be fans of the city whose posts on social media about local businesses have gotten them quite a […]

How Do You Know Which Chamber Members are Engaged?

How do you tell engaged members from everyone else?

At first glance the title of this blog post seems easy enough to answer, if they’re renewing they’re engaged. But just as not every relationship is a happy one, you can’t assume a check is a sign of engagement. It could be a habit, or worse yet, something the person did because of the time […]

Chamber Content Idea: Back to School

Shop Local - School

Coming up with ideas for blog and social media posts can be tiresome, especially when you already have so much to do. That’s why it’s important to use timely occasions to help with content. In about a month, a very large percentage of the school-aged population will be heading back to the books. Here are a […]

Anniversary or Annual Chamber Billing?

Do you collect dues year round or annually?

An interesting conversation is occurring on the Chamber of Commerce Professionals Page on Facebook. One chamber exec’s board is suggesting switching from anniversary date of joining dues renewal, to every member renewing in January. Here’s a breakdown of what other chambers had to say regarding the pros and cons of both methods. In Favor of Annual/Set […]