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Chamber Scavenger Hunt

I’m thinking of doing a scavenger hunt this summer with some chamber businesses… wondering if anyone has already done this and might be interested in sharing info with me I can tweak to fit our organization?

Types of Chamber Scavenger/Treasure Hunts


There are a handful of ways of doing a scavenger hunt for your member businesses, all with differing levels of intricacy and involvement.

The Crawl

This type is usually used with bars or restaurants and works the way your passport does with a stamp for each visit. Participants pay a flat fee and receive a sampling at each business. You can require members to partake in a taste or simply receive a stamp for walking in the door. Those who get stamped at every participating venue either receive something like a t-shirt or get entered into a drawing for a gift.

If your area has many restaurants, particularly if they’re in walking distance from one another, this is a great way to draw a crowd and offer businesses an opportunity to wow tasters.

Picture Hunt

Make sure your participants know to bring a digital camera or a smart phone for picture taking. This hunt is all about the digital souvenir. Give them a theme (such as something purple) and a list of businesses and have them “capture” the theme at the local business. For example, if your theme was purple, a picture of a purple-iced doughnut at a bakery would suffice.

This sort of hunt lends itself well to social media. You can ask participants to post their pictures to Instagram, Twitter (with a hashtag), Flickr, your chamber’s Pinterest board or tag the chamber from their own profiles.

A twist on this idea is to have participants post video of the hunt on YouTube instead of pictures.

Amazing Race

This scavenger hunt becomes more about the journey with clues received at one member business that lead you to the next one. It is an extremely exciting way to drive traffic to member businesses, but if you make it about getting to the end as soon as possible, your participants will not spend any time enjoying the businesses. If you’d like them to stay a while, give them something to do at each business before they receive their next clue. The winner receives a prize.

Gail Crosby Haller did this at her chamber and she said, “Everyone chips in with prizes for the gift basket. It’s been very successful.”

Scavenger Hunts are lots of fun and there are so many ways to put them on. If your chamber is considering hosting one, think about how you can get participants to experience the member businesses and not just buzz in and out.

Guest post by Christina Green

“Photo Scavenger Hunt” Image via Flickr by Melissa Hillier



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