Chamber Tips for Approaching New Businesses

What is the basis of your first conversation with a new business?

What do you do when a new business enters your community? A member of the Chamber of Commerce Professionals Group on Facebook asked: Initial contact with new businesses: postcard? drop by? phonecall? email? The obvious answer is yes. How Should Chambers Contact New Businesses?   Jay Handler from Membership 180 had a memorable piece of […]

Every Chamber Member Has a Story (and Needs Help Telling It)

Are you telling your chamber members' stories?

It’s hard to talk about yourself. Ask any employee who has to do a self-review or write a bio for the company website. Regaling your accomplishments, while not sounding conceited, does not come naturally for most people. While telling your business story is a little more comfortable for most than listing their accomplishments, it still […]

Why Storytelling Should Replace Your Chamber Benefits List

Ditch your chamber benefits list for stories

I had a former boss at a software company who always used to say, “As a customer, if I have one problem that keeps me up at night and you can solve it for me, I don’t care what else you do.” That’s why a list of benefits is seldom helpful. If the first thing […]

Is Your Chamber Ranking for These Questions?

Do you make your chamber conference room available to members?

Keywords are still important but most searches conducted are question-based, not keyword anymore. For that reason it’s important to think beyond keywords and create content that contains whole phrases of questions that people may ask the chamber to help with. These types of questions include the obvious like (insert the name of your chamber in […]

Ways to Spice Up Your Chamber Networking Event

Do you reward businesses who refer new chamber members to you?

If you host a chamber networking event like a Business After Hours, a breakfast session, or lunch gathering, there are a number of ways you can organize it. But there’s nowhere that says you must always use the same format and there may be no single best type for your chamber. Variety is the spice […]